Our Mission

Stoneridge is committed to making the world a better, and greener, place. Nestled in our very own floral oasis, and in the wider stunning New Zealand landscape, we respect the land that has been the home to generations of families before us and are sensitive to the impact we may be having.

We are constantly looking for ways to evolve into the best sustainable version of ourselves and are open-minded and enthusiastic about possibilities that we are presented with. This journey is headed by our General Manager and has the passion of the entire team behind it.


We have implemented the following policies in our quest to pursue sustainable practices:

General -

- We ensure that all staff receive a good and competitive wage, with an average wage far exceeding the low wages of central Queenstown

- We have invested in solar panels to support our energy consumption – in the future we have dreams of becoming entirely solar energy dependent.

- All left over card and paper from our guests and functions are re-purposed for office stationary equipment, we also always take care to print double sided and reduce printing whenever possible.

Accommodation -

- The use of re-usable glass Stoneridge water bottles in your complimentary mini-bar instead of wasteful plastic.

- Stoneridge does not offer single-use cutlery, cups or other utensils, instead we offer all guests the use of our re-useable cutlery, dish and glass-ware.

- We are on a mission to ditch disposables and eliminate needless waste – as such we have stopped providing travel sized soaps and shampoos and have instead resorted to more environmentally-friendly re-fillable bottles. 

- We encourage our guests to re-use their linen and their towels, this results in huge energy and water savings. 

Kitchen -

- The use of cling-film in the kitchen is minimal and only used when no viable alternative.

- Our Chef orders in produce specifically for individual events and is thoughtful in his preparation with a view to reducing waste. All left over produce is then used to feed our staff and family here at Stoneridge and/or offered to our friendly neighbours.

- All food for the kitchen is organically sourced whenever possible and all our produce comes from within New Zealand – therefore reducing air miles and ensuring we get the best quality ingredients.


Stoneridge has a whole host of ideas as to how to become greener and forge a tighter connection with the land around us. We are currently investigating more energy-saving appliances including low flow showerheads (reducing water consumption while still ensuring high pressure) and considering the move to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We are having a head to toe appraisal of our services and are excited about where this will take us.

"I would just like to thank you again for our wonderful stay with you all. Undoubtedly you have a fabulous venue, pristine and away from the bustle of Queenstown, but it was your..."

- Steve Power - Dec 2017